List of the TABLEAUX 2019 Accepted Papers

(produced using EasyChair)

Eduard Kamburjan. Behavioral Program Logic
Yotam Dvir and Arnon Avron. First-order Quasi-canonical Proof Systems
Agata Ciabattoni, Timo Lang and Revantha Ramanayake. Bounded sequent calculi for non-classical logics via hypersequents
Matteo Acclavio and Lutz Straßburger. On Combinatorial Proofs for Modal Logic
Luca Geatti, Nicola Gigante and Angelo Montanari. A SAT-based encoding of the one-pass and tree-shaped tableau system for LTL
Timo Lang, Carlos Olarte, Elaine Pimentel and Christian Fermüller. A Game Model for Proofs with Costs
Michael Färber and Cezary Kaliszyk. Certification of Nonclausal Connection Tableaux Proofs
Camillo Fiorentini and Rajeev Gore. intuit implements LJT
Daniel Mery, Didier Galmiche and Michel Marti. Relating Labelled and Label-Free Bunched Calculi in BI Logic
Mnacho Echenim, Radu Iosif and Nicolas Peltier. Prenex Separation Logic with One Selector Field
Abhishek De and Alexis Saurin. Infinets: The parallel syntax for non-wellfounded proof-theory
Elaine Pimentel, Revantha Ramanayake and Bjoern Lellmann. Sequentialising nested systems
Gabriel Ebner. Herbrand constructivization for automated intuitionistic theorem proving
Anthony Lick. A Hypersequent Calculus with Clusters for Data Logic over Ordinals
Tin Perkov. Tableau-based translation from first-order logic to modal logic
João G. Martins, André Platzer and Joao Leite. Dynamic Doxastic Differential Dynamic Logic for Belief-Aware Cyber-Physical Systems
Benjamin Ralph and Lutz Straßburger. Towards a Combinatorial Proof Theory
Rajeev Gore and Bjoern Lellman. Syntactic cut-elimination and backward proof-search for tense logic via linear nested sequents
Rémi Nollet, Alexis Saurin and Christine Tasson. PSPACE-Completeness of a Thread Criterion for Circular Proofs in Linear Logic with Least and Greatest Fixed Points
Ioana Leuștean, Natalia Moangă and Traian Florin Șerbănuță. Operational semantics and program verification (using many-sorted hybrid modal logic)
Bjoern Lellmann. Combining monotone and normal modal logic in nested sequents -- with countermodels
Simon Docherty and Reuben Rowe. A Non-wellfounded, Labelled Proof System for Propositional Dynamic Logic
Daniel Gaina and Ionut Tutu. Birkhoff Completeness for Hybrid-Dynamic First-Order Logic
Arina Britz and Ivan Varzinczak. Preferential Tableaux for Contextual Defeasible ALC
Chu-Min Li, Felip Manyà and Joan Ramon Soler. A Tableau Calculus for Maximum Satisfiability
Zarathustra Goertzel, Jan Jakubuv and Josef Urban. ENIGMAWatch: ProofWatch Meets ENIGMA